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  • Apple releases four new iPhone X mobile photography video tutorials

    Apple released a new batch of mobile photography tutorial videos this week, each briefly demonstrating how to perform various camera actions using the flagship iPhone X. The OLED-equipped iPhone X features dual rear 12MP cameras coupled with optical image stabilization and optical zoom.

    The four new videos were published on June 14 and guide iPhone X users through the following functions: shooting with the backlight, shooting in burst mode, recording in slow motion, and creating panoramas.

    Apple semi-regularly updates video tutorials for its products, and previously released a batch of similar mobile photography instructional videos for the iPhone 8. A full playlist of Apple's mobile photography video tutorials, including those covering older iPhone models, is available here. The four newest videos are below.

    Via: Light Stalking

  • Adobe announces Project Rush, a cross-device video editing application

    Adobe has announced development of Project Rush, a cross-device video editing application that consolidates the entire video creation workflow, from shooting to social media sharing. According to Adobe, Rush is intended to provide a more streamlined and intuitive user experience for creating videos, as well as to provide a powerful video solution for mobile users.

    In contrast to traditional video creation workflows, which often require switching between specialized programs, Rush aims to put the entire workflow into one, integrated application. It supports shooting, editing, audio optimization, motion graphics, and video sharing, and provides a simplified interface for editing, color correction, audio, and titling.

    Adobe says the tools available in Rush are based on the same underlying technology as some of its pro apps, including color correction technology from Premiere Pro and audio technology from Audition. Integration with Adobe Stock will provide access to free motion graphics templates which can be customized by users.

    Project Rush will work across mobile and desktop platforms, and will include the same feature set in both versions. Projects will synchronize between devices using Adobe Creative Cloud.

    Recognizing that a great deal of video content is now shared through social media, Rush will automatically optimize video for a variety social media platforms, as well as manage publication and scheduling of content to those platforms. Adobe did not specify which platforms will be supported.

    Rush will be available in mobile and desktop applications, with both versions supporting the same feature set, meaning users will have the same tools at their disposal no matter which device they’re using. Projects will sync between devices using Adobe Creative Cloud.

    Although Project Rush is unlikely to replace pro-level tools for larger productions, it may prove useful to those who don’t need the power of a dedicated non-linear editor, or those who prefer a workflow that doesn't involve multiple programs.

    Adobe did not provide a release date or pricing for Project Rush, but since it’s designed to sync across Creative Cloud it’s likely to require a Creative Cloud subscription to fully utilize its features. If you want to try Rush for yourself, you can apply to join the public beta here.

    We’ll be taking a look at Rush in the near future and will share our impressions once we've had a chance to give it a spin.