About Me

I was born in Iran in 1968. The night sky of my childhood hometown was very beautiful and fascinated me to stars.
I started my career in astronomy and astrophotography from 1984 when professional analogue cameras were very expensive and difficult to obtain. Having a telescope was more a dream, and to top it all in my country there was nobody to guide me in astrophotography.

In 1986, I saw a few photos taken in a couple of universities in Iran, but nobody had perused taking photos from the heavens as a profession or hobby. However, I loved this career despite it being cumbersome due to limited equipment.

My working in the observatory of Tabriz University, and my acquaintance with my dear friend Professor Ajabshirizade were turning points in my astrophotography career.
Subscriptions to sky & Telescope and Astronomy magazines were a good help. Let''s not forget that there were no astrophotography websites, nor weblogs: no Internet at all.
I held my first astrophotography exhibition for which I had spent a great deal of time in the planetarium of Tabriz University in 1988.
I do not forget that those days the mere focusing of star image was a major problem of its own.  Long exposure time, low sensitivity of negatives, and finally  Emersion and photo printing made the job difficult; especially because I did the entire job myself.

In 1989 after a great deal of persistence, I succeeded in obtaining an 8 inch celestron telescope from Bader Company in Germany, and after I completed my studies at university I established a small laboratory at my house to continue my work.  I did not miss almost any worth-observation night.
By observing an eclipse in 1995 for the first time in my life, I became interested in observing more eclipses. This was the beginning of my journeys for the sake of astronomy.
Teaching astronomy, establishing several amateur centers, cooperating with TWAN project, acting as the secretary of the first seminar and exhibition of TWAN in the middle east, and running more than four national astrophotography workshops are among my other activities. Currently, I am the executive secretary of Astronomical Society of Iran, amateur branch.
Recording the wonders and beauty of the heaven with whatever possible and through whatever procedure is life for me.